Talented person

1. Mr. Lu Lichao founder, in 2005 graduated from Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art Stage video technology professional, responsible directly into Yongkang broadcasters theaters lights work after graduation, has been responsible for nine years Sinopotamon Chunchao lighting and video portions of the plan preparatory work, with professional background and extensive knowledge of the performance of actual combat experience.
2. The company has engaged in this industry more than two decades of experience working on behalf of the planning group, you can plan the most professional, personalized program of activities.
3. The company's employees hold performances broker certificate, show abundant resources, provide celebrity endorsements, celebrity broker.
4. The Company and the Zhejiang College of Art Practice Department and the China Academy of Art Center is a strategic partnership. In my company when necessary, can provide first-class lighting division, their works are "Games opening ceremony in Guangzhou," "West Lake in Hangzhou Leisure Expo opening and closing" principal and "2011 Yongkang Hardware Fair opening ceremony" and other activities Trader gaffer include magician Liu Qian Queen gaffer.

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